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Dienstag, Januar 11, 2005

The great British automaker Rolls Royce takes great pride in the reliability of their handcrafted automobiles. An obviously wealthy owner of a Rolls took it to Europe on an extended trip. While traveling in France the car had some mechanical problem. He called the Rolls Royce factory and asked that they send out a mechanic straightaway to fix the problem. The company responded in royal fashion. They put a mechanic on a private jet with all of the necessary tools and flew him over to France to make the repairs. The owner was so wealthy that he wasn't at all concerned about the cost, and he would not spare any expense to assure that his beloved Rolls Royce was properly repaired. However, after several months he realized he had not recieved a bill for the repair. He directed his secretary to contact the Rolls Royce factory to inquire about the charges. He received a prompt reply from the Rolls Royce company. With typical British aplomb, it said simply, "We have no recollection or record of any Rolls Royce having ever had a breakdown or being in need of repair anywhere in France."When we repent and ask God to fix things that have resulted from sin in our lives, like Rolls Royce, he fixes it and doesn't have any recollection of the problem, and He NEVER sends a bill.

From Steve Brown at keylife.org

Today I got an e-mail from "Joke A Day Ministries Group" , when I came across this articles..I smiled.. and in the same time.. STUNNED.. this article is soooo true.. and it make me rejoiced.. How wonderful and good our God is.. Thank You Lord..for all of Ur kindness and forgiveness to us.. Amen.. =)

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