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Dienstag, Januar 18, 2005

7.15 am
It began by ... me..stuck in the traffic.. =( juz like another usual monday in Jakarta.. huee..I hate monday..

8.25 am
Had quite rough day at the office.. I must design some user interface for NOKIA touch screen.. it will be used in Thailand, Vietnam, and India.. why not Indonesia..?? Why ?? hahaha.. Maybe God didn't want me to show off my work.. I believe in His plan.. let all thing we put in His hands.. We do our part..and He does His part..

6.10 pm

Went to Plasa Senayan with my friend.. (I had doner Kebab for dinner) we had a long talk there.. almost four hours.. we were discussing about.. err.. almost everything.. we're talking about Peter Youngren..William Law.. their differences.. their point-of-view.. our point-of-view.. faith.. (my oh my.. from what we talked about.. it's just showed.. how small our faith is.. that's why BIG miracle rarely happen in our life..) and then..we talked about job.. about our family.. about future.. and in the end.. yes.. we talked about women..hahaha..

10.30 pm
Finally at home.. and if I may add.. HOME ALONE!!.. I don't know where my family is.. my parents is gone somewhere.. my lil sis also not here.. Oh my God..I feel lonely.. and..it raining outside.. huaa..it's so bloddy complete.. huahh.. is it time for me to find someone..?? I took shower.. and then..turn on my compie as i started to write this blog.. huahh..what a boring life.. just like I once said.. I know God has a plan for me..(and it's sooo beautiful) It's the process that I barely can't stand..

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