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Donnerstag, Januar 13, 2005

Tonight I attend some meeting..it's the meeting for all of youth committee in Jakarta.. we discussed about the future of my church’s youth.. I met my friend from GIA Pegangsaan.. heyy..it’s nice to hear from all of u again... it’s been long time since I moved to my recent church (which is GIA Rajawali) In this meeting..we split our yearly plan to every local church in Jakarta.. I juz wishing..hoping and PRAYING what it’s best for GIA’s youth… The meeting was held in McD Cikini..and I think…I got the worst fried chicken ever.. usually it’s hot..crispy and tender.. but tonight.. see what I got.. it’s cold..not crispy…and very..very..veeerryyy..hard to chew..oh my…next time..when I order some fried chicken..I’ll look and check into it again and over again..before I leave the counter.. But that’s juz some minor detail of tonight meeting..hehehe =p For the detail..hurmm..it's not for public consumption..hieheihie =p Well..here’s my prayer… "May God bless my church’s youth…may it grow.. spiritually and physically ..amen.."

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